Grace Breaking Through

Are we open to them when signs or serendipities break through our ordinary days? Most of the time, I miss them, but today I am grateful to report that I noticed grace at work!  

This morning, after cleaning up after a small Superbowl gathering, I was dusting the snack crumbs off the side table when I discovered a small surprise: a blue-speckled bird’s egg tucked inside the potted fern. Now this fern has been living with us in the same spot for several years, but I have never noticed the egg. I picked it up out from beneath the green branches. Light blue with brown speckles, it is made of wood. Not a real bird’s egg, but a gift, nevertheless.  

Where did it come from? My rational brain wanted to make sense of this discovery. Did someone place it there during a previous Easter season? Had my husband noticed this egg during his regular watering chores? How could I have missed this before now?  

Meanwhile, my soul was absolutely delighted! Just a few minutes earlier, I was prayerfully pondering what theme to write about for the collection of essays I am writing. For those who don’t know, I am writing about the need to regularly create a nest for our souls to rest, reset, and reconnect with the divine within us. Such nests (of all kinds) will help us give birth to goodness that is implanted within each of us. This is a vital and practical way to bring more love and goodness into our needy world.  

Of course, the egg is part of this book that I envision. This little egg gave me a nudge: write about the egg as a symbol of the divine; write about what aspects of God are waiting within each of us to be born; write about the feminine aspects of the Holy. And so, I will.  

But I also want to share this experience of grace breaking through. Oh, how often we overlook and disregard the graces and guidance that are given to us. Our busy, logical, and cynical minds can block us from taking them in.  

Those times when we notice are precious, however. Last night, Lisa, my sister-in-law, texted me a picture with the message: How does this feather just appear on my nightstand? I responded, A gift for you! She noticed grace breaking through, and she delighted in it.  

My suggestion is this: let us not get too caught up in rationalizing or understanding how the small gifts get to us. Let us be open to them, delight in them, and give thanks. Love transcends logic. The Eternal Source of Love is always here. Grace is breaking through.  

Blessings and love, 


1 thought on “Grace Breaking Through

  1. It is odd you didn’t see that beautiful egg, she is a beauty! I love when I take the time to “get” the sign and I still wonder how did this get there even though I know my team is always working on these little-yet-big signs ❤

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