This blog was inspired by one of my favorite poems from contemporary poet, Mary Oliver:

Instructions for living a life:

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it.

 (Mary Oliver, Red Bird)

There’s way too much cynicism, division, and mean-spirited dialogue surrounding us in life. My hope is to do my small part to help us pay attention to the small wonders in life. By doing so, we can awaken to the interconnectedness of life – to one another, to nature, to ourselves, to God. Don’t expect Pollyanna here. I’ll be looking for the wonder in the muck of life too (and I’ll encourage you to look too!)

“Wonder” has dual meanings. In addition to something that amazes or astonishes, it can refer to a feeling of doubt or curiosity. That’s such an interesting paradox, isn’t it? So often as we pay more attention to our “God-life,” questions arise. This blog will be a place for questions, doubts, and curiosity, in addition to amazement and astonishment.

For the past ten (plus) years, I have worked with and journeyed with people who are actively exploring the spiritual life in a grassroots and authentic way.  Well for the Journey (“The Well”) is a nonprofit center located in the Baltimore area that offers spiritual nourishment for daily living through innovative programs and resources. My observations, questions, and wonderings will often arise out of what’s happening in the life of The Well.

Regardless of why you visit this blog, I’m glad you’re here. May we awaken to the daily wonders of life together!




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