That Hope That I Want

I had the joy of taking a series of poetry writing playshops with Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer over the winter. WOW- so fun! It opened doors for me, helping me to pay attention and listen to life moment by moment. One of Rosemerry’s rules is to share what you write. (Yikes!)

In honor of tomorrow’s celebration of World Poetry Day and following Rosemerry’s rule, I’m sharing a poem that I wrote this morning.

I send you love and hope on the eve of Spring.



A young girl twirls on the beach

in her tiny bikini bottom with pink, purple, and yellow flowers, and

a gray sleeveless tank top.

That’s the kind of hope that I want

on Winter’s final day in 2021

a year of living with fear, grief, COVID among us.

It’s 55 degrees in South Carolina on this March morning.

I’m in my winter jacket,

she’s in her summer swimsuit.

As the sun peeks through the gray clouds

she dances with delight,

excited for what the day will bring.

She’s oblivious to the temperatures,

to the gale-force wind warning,

to the pandemic face masks.

That’s the kind of hope I want.

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